Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I visited my friend at the nursing home today and she brought up the elections. I don't think she really even knew about it until today. I asked her what she thought about Obama and she said, "I'm going to tell you the truth. I'm used to the white ones." It was really weird hearing someone say something racial. I mean, I know that those people exist but I don't really hear it first hand much. I honestly hadn't thought much about Obama being black. Anyway, something that really made my heart explode was watching a husband bring his wife lunch and sit with her. I've seen him come there a couple of other times but it didn't really affect me until today. I watched him walk up, go inside to get her and come back out to sit outside. He brings a thermos that looks like its from the 70's with sweet tea. He goes inside and gets two cups with ice and they just sit there and talk about the beautiful leaves. I'm not sure why she has to be at the nursing home; I guess because he can't take care of her. They seem so in love and it makes my heart ache and long for that kind of love. 

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