Tuesday, November 4, 2008

mixed emotions

I'll keep my guns, money, and my freedom. YOU can keep the change!! Why are you STUPID PPL picking your president because of his color!! YOUR THE RACISTS!!!
moving to Costa Rica. The place is beautiful, people are nice, 99% literacy rate, etc. Anyone else want to come?
mourns his country's poverty of character and wisdom.
is very afraid for our nation! God help us!!!
is saying congratulations to our new president.. Yea I cried some.
.I can't believe Obama won!!!!! We r screwed!!
s soooo happy "YES WE CAN" GO Obama!!!!!! Yes we can america lets come together and keep the dream alive don't hate plz lets love and keep making change.
doesn't hang all her hopes on this man, but is glad that she helped elect someone who has so much hope!
My President is Black!!! Email Jesus, tellem foward to Moses, and CC Allah!!!
gives up and is now looking for properties in Britain, which will soon have a Conservative government, and has always had The Arsenal!

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